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Beachfront Property in Samara Costa Rica: What You Need to Know

Posted by Oe Marketing on May 8, 2024

Imagine waking up to the beautiful sound of waves crashing on the shore, with the sun painting the sky pink and gold. This is the allure of beachside living in Samara, Costa Rica. Can you really own a slice of paradise on these pristine beaches? In the following article, we will go over the technicalities of buying beachfront property in Samara, Costa Rica, including the burning question on every aspiring beachfront homeowner’s mind.


Understanding the Beachfront Property Landscape:

The rules and regulations for beachfront property in Samara are unique. Unlike ordinary fee-simple property ownership, beachfront properties in Costa Rica are subject to the jurisdiction of the Maritime Zone, a government-managed territory along the shore.

Here’s what you should know:

Concession Land:

Within 200 meters of the ocean, the majority of the land is designated concession land or government-leased land. The first 50 meters from the mean high tide mark are government-owned, with no development or encumbrances permitted.

Maritime Zone Concessions:

The following 150 meters are part of the Maritime Zone, which the neighborhood municipality can develop with certain concessions. These concessions normally last 20 years, with an annual concession fee paid.

Leasing versus owning:

It is critical to remember that when you acquire beachfront property in the Maritime Zone, you are not buying the land outright. Instead, you are leasing it without a title. This distinction is critical for prospective purchasers to understand before making an investment decision.

When investing in beachfront property in the restricted maritime zone, international investors should be aware of additional ownership limitations. According to Costa Rican legislation, a foreign individual can only own 49% of the concession rights. To avoid this restriction, many foreigners choose to establish a corporation in which a Costa Rican member owns the majority share. This structure allows foreigners to meet legal requirements while maintaining ownership rights.

RE/MAX Blue Ocean in Samara, Costa Rica, specializes in guiding purchasers through the local real estate market, including beachfront properties. With our expertise and local knowledge, we can walk you through every stage of the buying process, from comprehending the legal framework to selecting the ideal beachside paradise that fits your desires and budget.

Beachfront property in Samara In Costa Rica, owning a little piece of paradise in this location is not just a dream but a reality. However, before entering the market, it is critical to comprehend the Maritime Zone’s intricacies and the corresponding ownership restrictions. You may make your beachside fantasies a reality by working with a reputable real estate company like RE/MAX Blue Ocean. So, are you ready to start your seaside adventure in Samara? Let’s make it happen.

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