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Guanavista: Conscious Development Project in Nosara

Posted by Oe Marketing on January 24, 2024

Are you looking for your dream property in Nosara, Guanacaste? Look no farther than RE/MAX Blue Ocean, your trusted partner in facilitating intelligent development projects that blend effortlessly with the natural beauty of this Pacific paradise. RE/MAX Blue Ocean, in cooperation with various projects, provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to reconnect with nature while searching for your ideal home.


RE/MAX Blue Ocean’s Unique Approach:

At RE/MAX Blue Ocean, we are committed to connecting you with a lifestyle that complements Nosara’s natural environment. Our collaboration with diverse initiatives reflects our common ideals of sustainability, community participation, and conserving the coastal gem’s distinct character.

The portfolio of development projects in Nosara is known for its well-planned design and architecture, which prioritize ecological harmony. We can help you find the perfect property that is designed to blend in with its lush surroundings, preserving the pristine beaches and older trees, providing green areas, and reducing environmental impact. We recognize that your ideal house should be a refuge that respects and coexists with the natural world while also allowing you to enjoy it.

We take pleasure in partnering with development projects that value sustainability. In our area, there are many projects that use environmentally friendly materials, energy-efficient designs, and water conservation methods to ensure that your dream home adheres to the ideals of responsible living.

Nosara Developments For Sale: Guanavista in Playa Ostional

Updated Masterplan map as of: March 2024


For example, a beautiful new development in Playa Ostional examines the climate conditions to establish the optimal bioclimatic solutions for the project to produce an energy-conscious design and environmentally responsive architecture that assure thermal comfort. These homes and their developer’s commitment go beyond the construction to help preserve Nosara’s magnificent nature.

“Guanavista is a 76-acre luxury oceanfront community located in Playa Ostional, Costa Rica. We will be creating an eco-conscious community with mixed-use condominium permits that will allow us to create smaller-sized lots preserving more green space. Moreover, we will have an HOA that will provide community guidelines and security for residents. Site attractions such as hiking trails, yoga shalas and a private clubhouse are only a few of the amenities to come.” (Guanavista Project).




RE/MAX Blue Ocean invites you to join this investment opportunity in its beginning stages and be a part of contributing to the region’s cultural and social fabric. Your dream home will become a part of a vibrant community that values inclusion and connection. If you are interested in scheduling a showing or receiving more information about this development, contact us here!

Developments in the Nosara area are increasingly seeking to add to, rather than detract from, the area’s identity by emphasizing architectural designs that harmoniously weave into the surrounding scenery. Your ideal home becomes an intrinsic part of the fabric that makes Nosara so unique. Discover the possibilities of coastal life that match your vision. Allow our skilled real estate professionals to walk you through the different alternatives, ensuring that your ideal house not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Nosara awaits, and with RE/MAX Blue Ocean, your perfect property is only a few steps away.

In Nosara, Guanacaste, RE/MAX Blue Ocean will connect you with the newest development projects in the area that harmonize with the lifestyle you want to create. Our commitment to ecological harmony, sustainability, community participation, and preserving Nosara’s distinct character makes us the right partner for creating the seaside lifestyle you’ve always desired. Begin your adventure with RE/MAX Blue Ocean and make your dream lifestyle a reality in this Pacific paradise.

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