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The RE/MAX Collection | Samara and Nosara Luxury Real Estate

Nosara and Samara Luxury Real Estate RE/MAX Collection
$ 249,000
For Sale


1 Baths · ID 28353 · Size 51 m2
$ 340,000
For Sale

Perla Negra Views

Ostional Black Beauty, ,
ID 28342 · Size 9,576 m2
$ 650,000
For Sale

Ostional Bay Views

Black Beauty Ostional, ,
ID 28323 · Size 4,620 m2
$ 498,500
For Sale
$ 350,000
For Sale

Rustic Rancho with pool and ocean view on a ...

Samara, Santo Domingo, 100m est of the church, ,
1 Baths · ID 29049 · Size 120 m2
$ 385,000
For Sale

Casa de las Mariposas

Samara, Santo Domingo, 400 m oeste de la escuela, spring Valley, ,
2 Baths · ID 28989 · Size 200 m2
$ 66,000
For Sale

One and Only Creperie and German food in Sa...

MultiKulti, Creperia and German food, Calle Natural center contiguo Samara Beach hotel, ,
1 Baths · ID 28956 · Size 180 m2
$ 524,900
For Sale

10% INCOMES: LODGE 3 units Retreat with Jacu...

Samara, Calle Santo Domingo, 300 meters del tanque de agua, ,
3 Baths · ID 28542 · Size 120 m2
$ 345,000
For Sale

At RE/MAX Blue Ocean, our RE/MAX Collection represents the pinnacle of luxury real estate in Costa Rica’s most sought-after coastal destinations: Nosara and Samara. A property in the RE/MAX Collection is more than just a home; it’s an exquisite living experience valued at twice the average market price of the area. Here’s what defines a luxury property in our exclusive collection and what you can expect when you explore luxury real estate in Nosara and luxury real estate in Samara.

Defining Features of the RE/MAX Collection

1. Prime Locations

  • Nosara: Nestled along the stunning Pacific coastline, our luxury properties in Nosara offer direct access to pristine beaches, breathtaking ocean views, and a serene environment ideal for relaxation.
  • Samara: Our luxury homes in Samara are situated in the heart of this picturesque beach town, providing residents with easy access to beautiful sandy shores, vibrant local culture, and outdoor adventures.

2. Exquisite Property Valuation

  • High Market Value: Properties in the RE/MAX Collection are priced at twice the average market value in the area, ensuring that you are investing in the highest-quality real estate available.

3. Superior Architectural Design

  • Innovative Designs: Each property features exceptional architectural design that blends modern elegance with the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Expect open floor plans, expansive windows, and sophisticated finishes.
  • Luxurious Interiors: Experience high-end finishes including gourmet kitchens, spacious living areas, and master suites with spa-like bathrooms.


4. Premium Features and Amenities

  • Oceanfront Views: Many of our properties offer direct oceanfront access or spectacular ocean views.
  • Private Pools and Outdoor Spaces: Enjoy private swimming pools, lush tropical gardens, and expansive outdoor terraces perfect for entertaining or unwinding.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Modern amenities include advanced home automation systems, high-speed internet, and energy-efficient features.

5. Exclusive and Private Settings

  • Secluded Retreats: Experience privacy and tranquility in our luxury properties, often located in exclusive gated communities or secluded areas.
  • Security and Privacy: Enjoy peace of mind with top-notch security systems and dedicated property management services.

6. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Living

  • Eco-Conscious Designs: Many properties incorporate sustainable building practices, energy-efficient systems, and eco-friendly materials to promote a greener lifestyle.

7. Access to Premium Local Amenities

  • Nosara: Enjoy world-class surfing spots, upscale dining options, and a vibrant expat community.
  • Samara: Explore charming local markets, gourmet restaurants, and a range of recreational activities from yoga to eco-tours.

Whether you are interested in luxury real estate in Nosara or luxury real estate in Samara, the RE/MAX Collection offers a selection of the most prestigious properties in these stunning locations. Each property is handpicked for its exceptional quality, prime location, and luxurious features.

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