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A Guide to Nosara Beach Premier Neighborhoods and Developments

Posted by Oe Marketing on December 20, 2023

Nosara Beach is a destination for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of natural beauty, solitude, and a dynamic community living on Costa Rica’s magnificent Pacific coast. RE/MAX Blue Ocean is pleased to give a full tour of the main neighborhoods and developments that characterize the unique appeal of the Nosara area as the go-to real estate experts in this tropical paradise.

Nosara Beach Center – Playa Guiones:

Guiones Beach is at the heart of Nosara, famed for its world-class surf breaks, gorgeous sands, and relaxed environment. It’s the ideal spot for individuals who want to combine an active lifestyle with the stunning beauty of the ocean.

Real Estate Highlights:

Guiones has a wide choice of homes available, ranging from beachfront houses to lush forest getaways. RE/MAX Blue Ocean can connect you with rare listings that capture the essence of this sought-after location.

Pelada Beach:

Overview: Playa Pelada, located near Guiones, provides a more tranquil and residential ambiance. Residents can relax on the beach, which is surrounded by rugged cliffs and rich foliage.

Pelada’s real estate highlights:

A combination of beautiful estates and quiet getaways. RE/MAX Blue Ocean has the knowledge to bring you to the perfect match, whether you’re seeking ocean-view residences or secluded rainforest hideaways.



Nosara Hills Eco-Village:

Nosara Hills is an eco-conscious neighborhood for persons seeking sustainable living in harmony with nature. It embraces a dedication to environmental preservation while giving a one-of-a-kind living experience.

Real Estate Highlights of Nosara Hills:

Eco-friendly homes and lots surrounded by lush nature. RE/MAX Blue Ocean is well-versed in the complexities of eco-friendly real estate and can help you find your ideal sustainable house.

Ostional Beach:

Playa Ostional, known for its world-famous sea turtle nesting place, is an isolated jewel that offers a quieter and more remote ambiance. It’s a paradise for nature enthusiasts and people who appreciate the coastline’s pristine beauty.


Playa Ostional real estate highlights:

Beachfront houses and large estates with panoramic views. RE/MAX Blue Ocean can help you discover rare properties that capture the enchantment of this idyllic setting.



Gated Communities:

Nosara beach has various gated communities that offer residents security, facilities, and a sense of community. These developments frequently provide private access to gorgeous beaches, wellness centers, and other amenities.

RE/MAX Blue Ocean specializes in matching customers with houses in gated communities that are tailored to their lifestyle preferences. Investigate the possibility of luxurious living in a safe and exclusive enclave.

Nosara’s numerous neighborhoods and projects have something for everyone, from avid surfers to nature lovers and those looking for a peaceful retreat. RE/MAX Blue Ocean, with its extensive local knowledge, is your key to opening the door to your dream Nosara property. Contact us immediately to embark on a tour to discover this tropical paradise’s unrivaled beauty and distinct charm.

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