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Building a Dream Home in Costa Rica

Posted by Oe Marketing on November 15, 2023

Building a home in Costa Rica in the lovely Nosara and Samara regions is a fascinating adventure. Whether you plan to live or vacation in this magnificent location, making your dream home a reality requires careful preparation, especially given Costa Rica’s unique legislation and building restrictions. Don’t let the construction process overwhelm you; instead, let us walk you through the stages when you’ve found the perfect piece of land for sale in Costa Rica, from San Juanillo to Punta Islita, with RE/MAX Blue Ocean.

Building a Home in Costa Rica

Choosing to invest in Nosara real estate is only the first step. The next critical decision is whether to purchase a property with an existing structure or to start from scratch. Buying a property with an existing home allows you to begin enjoying the Nosara lifestyle right away, while building a new home allows you to customize every element to your preferences.

Choosing the Correct Lot

The foundation for your ideal home is laid by selecting the proper land. Diverse places and localities in the Nosara and Samara regions offer one-of-a-kind opportunities. Take into account the topography, since earthwork may be required for building preparation. It is critical to use the proper sort of compacted dirt for your foundation while following local requirements. Considerations like choosing a mountain property for breathtaking views or living close to the beach for surf enthusiasts can affect the lifestyle you envision.

Our RE/MAX Blue Ocean team is well-versed in the local area and can assist you in finding an amazing property that fits your vision.

Understanding Building Costs

Building a house in Nosara has costs that must be carefully considered. Recognize that your Nosara property is a substantial investment, and it is critical to emphasize quality construction in order for it to resist the weather. While the typical construction cost for a house with basic finishing costs up to $190/sq ft, other expenditures such as architect fees, permit fees, insurance fees, and ASADA impact fees should be considered.

Other necessary services, such as a topographical study and soil test, contribute to a thorough understanding of building costs.

Some of Our Favorite Local Architects

RE/MAX Blue Ocean knows the value of a trained team when it comes to building a home in Costa Rica’s Nosara and Samara regions. We’re here to link you with our carefully curated selection of professional developers and architects who have a track record of making dreams a reality. These experts are well-versed in the area’s distinctive landscape and legislation, assuring a smooth development procedure adapted to your tastes.

Whether you want to build from the ground up or renovate an existing home, our network of dependable architects and developers is ready to make your vision a reality. You can rely on RE/MAX Blue Ocean to walk you through the process and link you with the proper professionals for your project.

Building your dream home in Nosara and Samara

Making a Nosara House Your Home

Building in Nosara takes time and work, which leads many people to prefer buying land with an existing home. While this choice limits flexibility, personal touches can transform a home into a customized space. Consider the following alternatives:


A fresh coat of paint, both inside and out, may quickly revive your new Nosara luxury property. Choose colors that represent your personal style and add a personal touch to your home.

Home Decoration

To imbue your area with personality, choose striking furniture and exhibit personal artifacts, such as artwork and family photos.


Remodeling allows for minor modifications without committing to a completely new structure. Customize sections of your home while keeping expenditures under control.

RE/MAX Blue Ocean has land for sale in the Nosara and Samara areas.

Whether you want to create a custom luxury home or prefer a move-in-ready structure, the knowledgeable real estate experts at RE/MAX Blue Ocean can help. Explore our collection of one-of-a-kind luxury residences and lots for sale, and feel assured and satisfied with your purchase.

Contact RE/MAX Blue Ocean today to take the first step toward owning a property in Nosara and Samara!

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