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Celebrating Costa Rica’s 2024 Destination of the Year Recognition

Posted by Oe Marketing on November 15, 2023

Costa Rica has been named the 2024 Destination of the Year by Travel & Leisure, underscoring the country’s dedication to sustainability and its deep ties to the land and Indigenous communities. Costa Rica is now recognized as a top-tier destination for discriminating guests, and RE/MAX Blue Ocean on the Nicoya Peninsula is thrilled to be a part of the celebration.

2024 Travel + Leisure Destination of the Year

“We are thrilled to honor Costa Rica as our 2024 Destination of the Year,” said Travel & Leisure Editor-in-Chief Jacqui Gifford. “Costa Rica’s unwavering dedication to sustainable tourism and its breathtaking natural beauty make it a standout destination for travelers seeking unique and eco-conscious experiences in the year ahead.”

Costa Rica has been a forerunner in supporting sustainable travel practices, thanks to its rich eco-tourism tradition. The country has successfully reversed decades of deforestation, today boasting over 50% of its territory covered in pristine rainforest after pioneering the concept of eco-lodges and setting global standards for eco-friendly tourism. Its incredible biodiversity, with 12 different types of habitats and half a million species spread across approximately 20,000 square miles, contributes to its standing as an ecological sanctuary.

The Camino de Costa Rica, a roughly 200-mile trail that traverses the entire country, the region’s renowned coffee beans, and a thriving culinary scene rooted in rich traditions and diversity are all major draws. has a thorough guide for individuals who want to see everything Costa Rica has to offer. In addition, the December 2023/January 2024 edition of Travel + Leisure, which features Costa Rica extensively, will be available on newsstands beginning November 17.


RE/MAX Blue Ocean on the Nicoya Peninsula cordially invites you to celebrate Costa Rica’s well-deserved selection as the 2024 Destination of the Year. We invite you to experience the delights of Costa Rica and make the Nicoya Peninsula your home or holiday destination as we continue to highlight the region’s distinct features. RE/MAX Blue Ocean has more information.

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